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Frequently Asked Questions

» Does Yachtie work worldwide?

Yes, Yachtie works wherever you can get an internet connection for your iPhone/iPad. This means Yachtie will generally work wherever you have a phone data signal (3G/Edge/GSM) or Wifi access. If you are abroad, you may need data roaming turned on.

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» Is there a version for IOS 5 devices?

No t any more, sorry.

» Can I use Yachtie with my iPad WiFi/iPod Touch?

Yes, and these are great devices to use Yachtie on if you want to track your boating friends and family from home.

If you want to use these devices on your boat, however, remember that you will need an internet connection to see other yachts and check in. You can achieve this by connecting your iPad Wifi/iPod Touch wirelessly to an internet enabled phone (e.g. ‘Personal Hotspot’ on iPhone) or a 3G wireless dongle.

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» Does Yachtie use much data allowance if I am abroad?

Yachtie has been made as efficient as possible, but if you are abroad you’ll likely need to turn on “data roaming” to get an internet connection.

Because this also allows data intensive apps (e.g. email) to work, you’ll probably want to limit the amount of time you have data roaming on by checking in manually and turning off data roaming again as soon as you have checked in (Settings > General > Network > Data Roaming = OFF).

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» What is my MMSI/Call Sign?

Your Call Sign is the international identifier given to a vessel equipped with a VHF radio. If your VHF radio is digital, you’ll also have an MMSI number for Digial Selective Calling (DSC). Call Signs and MMSI numbers are usually publicly available on the Maritime mobile Access and Retrieval System (MARS), so if you don’t have yours to hand you can look yours up here.

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» Is there a privacy concern?

Yachtie uses only publicly available information (such as Call Sign/MMSI/Boat Name) and reveals far less information than AIS, which is also public.

However, if you wish, you can also set a privacy option so that only Yachtie friends and family in the same privacy group as you can see your boat information .

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» Will Yachtie kill my battery like some other location based apps?

No. Yachtie is very kind to your battery, because it only uses the GPS when you checkin, then turns it off immediately afterwards.

And because Yachtie lets you choose both the frequency and accuracy of your checkins, you get full control over how intensively the GPS is used.

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» Is there an Android/Windows version?

Not yet… Yachtie is a “labour of love” – I’m a sailor who’s learned how to program iPhone – and it’s taken months of development to get Yachtie where it is now.

So I’m focussing on making it as good as possible for iPhone first, and if it’s a great success then I’ll invest the time into learning to create Yachtie on other platforms.

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About Yachtie

Yachtie for iphoneYachtie was created by keen Yachtie, Rob Woodgate.

Rob enjoys cruising the Solent with his family in their Legend 38.

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